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The Perry Perspective - February 2011

Hello Everyone! 

Doing it "Right" is going to make you stall -- Doing It is What is Important!   

Take Action

Let's wait and see what happens, this isn't a good time. I want to think about it. I need more time first. I might do it wrong... I might make a mistake. I just don't want to right now. I wish something would happen. I'm not quite ready to do that. I don't want to talk about it.  Stalling, waiting, marking time, holding steady; does this sound familiar?

All too often, most people would rather describe a problem than solve it.  The result... just more time rehearsing and refining their problem description skills without taking any action.  

Do you want to get a new job, get a college degree, learn a language, lose weight, get in shape, fix your marriage, or play the piano?  Well, do you REALLY want to, or do you just want to talk about... or whine about it?  

You must always ask yourself a fundamental question whenever you want to do anything!  ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY THE FREIGHT?  Will you pay the money, spend the time, expend the energy, learn how, risk failure, etc. to reach your goal?  Because your goal can only be achieved if you PAY THE FREIGHT!

The key is to TAKE ACTION.  Do something, anything, any kind of action... and get the momentum going.  When you do, you have movement, which allows course correction along the way.  But, stalling and describing, rather than moving and solving, simply allows you to pass your life with time, rather than passing your time with life.  

So, TAKE ACTION!  Confidence comes from DOING!  Mastery comes from learning, from discipline, from trusting your instincts and just digging in and doing it! 

Make "Take Action" a habit and spread it around.   

Gaining competitive advantage by raising the bar
 Strength of Character

Strength of Character explores integrity, responsibility, and generosity of spirit in the business setting, driving a stake into the ground and defining the ethical standards by which business will need to be practiced in the coming decades.  This CD explains how leaders and workers can set a new course towards character standards that we all can agree are compelling and necessary.  The magic begins when individuals accept personal responsibility and start making ethical changes in themselves.  

Strength of Character CD:   $19.95
Strength of Character MP3: $16.95

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Common Sense 101
KVTA LogoThe Dr. Mitchell Perry Show: Common Sense 101 airs Saturdays from 9:00 am - 11:00 am (Pacific) on KVTA AM1520.  It is a little bit reasoning, a little bit education, a lot of laughs, and a whole lot of fun!  Every Saturday morning Dr. Perry takes calls LIVE on his radio show on everything -- including relationships, business advice, personal growth, and the ever popular... "Common Sense is very Uncommon!" 
He has a knack for saying it like it is without beating down his listeners.  You can be sure that if there is an answer to your problem, Dr. Perry will help you figure it out.  Listeners call in to get advice, discuss the day's events or simply to give their opinion on the latest topics.

The number to call the studio live is toll free 
877-34-PERRY (347-3779).

You can also listen to the show by logging on to www.kvta.comand then click on "LISTEN LIVE." 


Dr. Mitchell Perry
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