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The October Perry Perspective

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When you hire someone, you look at their background and skills, yet when you fire them, it is always about their character. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to Strength of Character.  The price you pay for poor character is enormous.

Raise the bar -- and life gets better!

Dr. Mitchell Perry   
Share Your Strength of Character

Every morning when you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?  Are you pleased or embarrassed?  Proud or ashamed?  Impressed or depressed?  Excited or bored?  Energetic or listless?  Engaged or isolated?  Powerful or weak?  How is your self-respect?

Every morning, whether you like it or not, you wake up inside your own skin - which means you have to live with yourself, your feelings, your choices, and your behavior.  And, just like compounded interest in a bank account, there are long-term effects to those choices and behaviors. 

At the end of the day, the measure of your life is inevitably determined by your CHARACTER and all its strengths and weaknesses.  So, what is the condition of your Character?  What are your basic governing values?  What are the moral principles by which you want to live? 

The essential qualities for Strength of Character include:
    1. INTEGRITY:  Honesty, legitimacy, the straight stuff, the full disclosure; the willingness to be unpopular at times, by telling the truth; the absence of lying, tap-dancing, pretending, spinning, distracting and avoiding.  
    2. RESPONSIBILITY:  Your life is completely your responsibility.  If life is going well for you, you probably made it happen.  If life is going poorly, you did that too.  The cards dealt to you are yours to play -- good or bad.  So take accountability, make your choices, take your lumps and get on with it.  The energy you spend on whining, complaining, catastrophizing and awfulizing will be so much better spent on problem solving.
    3. GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT:  This part of your Strength of Character is about giving more than taking, contributing more than consuming, caring more than expecting, investing more than expensing.  This part of you is faith, living in the light, deriving meaning, and hearing the quiet. You get more than you give when you give more than you get.  (Hmmm... random acts of kindness). 
    So, establish a higher standard for yourself and your life.  Commit to INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY and GENEROSITY OF SPIRIT... and then share your values and spread them around.  You are quite a role model! 

    Raise your BAR! 

Strength of Character

  Gaining competitive advantage by raising the bar     
Strength of Character explores integrity, responsibility, and generosity of spirit in the business setting, driving a stake into the ground and defining the ethical standards by which business will need to be practiced in the coming decades.  This CD explains how leaders and workers can set a new course towards character standards that we all can agree are compelling and necessary.  The magic begins when individuals accept personal responsibility and start making ethical changes in themselves. 

Strength of Character CD:   $19.95
Strength of Character MP3: $16.95

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Common Sense 101
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He has a knack for saying it like it is without beating down his listeners.  You can be sure that if there is an answer to your problem, Dr. Perry will help you figure it out.  Listeners call in to get advice, discuss the day's events or simply to give their opinion on the latest topics.

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